Are We Really Fishing?
January 26, 2024, 5:00 PM
Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors our country (and our world) has ever known. He held a world record with over 1,000 patents.
It has been said that when he was at his home in Fort Myers, Florida, Edison would spend time at the end of the dock that extended out into the water behind his home with his fishing pole.
He had a rule that he was never to be bothered when he was out alone on his dock.
Edison was indeed an avid fisherman, but here is an interesting note: Edison rarely ever baited the hook on his fishing pole when he was alone on that dock. You see, he wasn't fishing at all! He just wanted some space to think.
That is a great illustration declaring the fact that we all need time and space to think.
However, I see another valuable illustration from this story.
It is this: It can look like we're fishing when we aren't really fishing at all!
Jesus has told His people and His church to be involved with making disciples. That involves us being "fishers of men." That is what Jesus told Peter in Matthew 4:19 when he and his friends laid down their nets and followed Jesus. Matthew 4:19 - “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”
Unfortunately, many churches today talk a lot about fishing and may even look like they are fishing, but, in truth, aren't actually doing any fishing!
We then must ask a very tough question: Is one really following Jesus if they aren't fishing?
Hear me on this folks: We at First Christian Church want to be in the fishing business for the King!
This coming Sunday (January 28), we'll be talking about this and a unique opportunity that we have at FCC.

My friend Greg Swinney will be with us and will preach at FCC. He will already be in Lexington at this time as he is helping with the planning of the 2024 International Conference on Missions (ICOM) that will be held in Rupp Arena in November of this year.

Greg is the director of Crossroads International Student Ministries headquartered in Nebraska. Greg and Crossroads want to help “coach” us in our attempt to form an International Student Fellowship here at FCC.

In October 2023, Greg was in town and spoke to 15 of our people interested in forming an international student ministry.

Greg will bring an encouraging message and help cast some vision for future outreach ministry here at FCC. I hope and pray you will be there.


Greg wanted to me pass along the following message to FCC: "I'm looking forward to being with you this coming Sunday. The invitation to join you is a real honor for me. Would you join me in praying daily for the Lord to work powerfully on Sunday? I'll be praying for the Lord to use the worship time, communion, and morning message for His Glory. Let's join together and pray in expectation for God to do a wonderful thing!"


I hope and pray you will join us at First Christian this Sunday - Bible School starts at 9:30 am and Worship at 10:30 am.


God Bless,

Greg H